International Ocean Discovery Program

Expedition 340: Lesser Antilles Volcanism and Landslides

Location map Expedition 340March – April 2012

The Lesser Antilles Volcanism and Landslides expedition was designed to provide a better understanding of the constructive and destructive processes related to volcanism along island arcs.

Processes occurring along these arcs are among the most fundamental occurring on Earth, as roughly 50% of volcanism along the circum-Pacific ring of fire is associated with island arcs. Data acquired during this expedition will be utilised to further investigate magmatic evolution and eruptive activity along the Lesser Antilles arc.

The aim is to achieve a better understanding of the mechanisms involved in both the transport and deposition of volcanic debris avalanche deposits and to assess the potential for volcanic hazards associated with these avalanches.

Identification of the controlling mechanisms of these processes is essential because of their potential association with large geohazards (explosive eruptions and tsunamis).

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