Guest tickets and information

Share the day with your loved ones. Each graduand is guaranteed two free guest tickets and has the option of requesting two additional tickets, subject to availability, when completing the registration process.

If you would like to bring along additional guests to celebrate with you on the day, they are more than welcome. Those without tickets for the ceremony will be able to watch the livestream on campus.

Can I change the number of tickets I have requested?

Yes, you can. Whilst the registration period is still open you can amend your number of tickets online through your My Student Record. If you are not able to do this, or the registration period has closed, please email If you are requesting more tickets we will not be able to guarantee that this will be possible, but we will see what we can do.

When will I receive confirmation of the number of tickets I have been allocated?

Your guest tickets will be emailed to you at least one week before your ceremony. Please remember to share these with your guests as they will need to present these at the venue to allow them entry.

If I am only allocated two tickets but more of my family/friends would like to attend, is that ok?

Yes, if you have guests who would like to share your special day with you but who do not have tickets for the ceremony at De Montfort Hall, they are very welcome to visit campus on the day and celebrate your graduation with you before and after the ceremony. They can also watch the livestream of our ceremonies at a location on campus.

How can my guests who do not have tickets watch the ceremony?

Your graduation ceremony will be livestreamed online and screens will be available on campus. Locations for the livestreaming on campus will be confirmed in due course.

Can I request extra tickets on the day?

A limited number of tickets for each ceremony may become available on the day if people are unable to attend. These ‘returns’ will be available from our spare ticket desk and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. These additional tickets will be limited to a maximum of two tickets per graduand.

Anyone requesting guest tickets will need to provide the graduand’s full name and student number. Please note that guests of the graduand are advised to queue for these additional tickets themselves so you are not delayed arriving at your ceremony.  

Do I have to pay for extra guest tickets?

No, we do not charge students for any guest tickets.

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