Professional services staff

All telephone numbers are prefaced with +44 (0)116 252 when calling from outside the University unless otherwise stated.

Name Position Telephone Email
Kerry Allen  Cartographic and Design Technician  3855 
Andrea Vear Secretary to the Head of School  3921
Lisa Barber  Cartographic Technician  3855 
Gemma Black  Technical Services Manager  3646 
Dr Annika Burns  Thin Section Technician  3792 
Adam Cox  Research Technician  3831 
Veebha Dandikar  CLCR Administrative Officer  3157
Claire Franks  Administration Assistant  3933 
Gary Hancox  Programme Administrator (second year)  3823 
Bill Hickin  Operations Manager  3844 
Leigh Hocknell Programme Administrator (fourth year and postgraduate taught) 
Dr Tom Knott  SEM Technician  3649 
  Postgraduate Research Administrator  223 1777 
Lin Marvin-Dorland  XRF Technician  3817 
Lyndsay McCarthy  Programme Administrator/CENTA Administrator (first year and postgraduate taught)  6419
Sue Sampson Technician  3831
  Programme Administrator (third year)  3822 
Clare Stanga  Business Administration Manager  3912 
Edward Thomas Palaeobiology Technician 3831
Maxine Towler Technician 
Genna Tyrrell Stable Isotope Technician 3831
Vicky Ward  Curatorial and Teaching Support Technician  3369 

College IT staff

Name Position Telephone Email
Richard Moore  IT Technician 3610 
Dr Andrew Myers  College of Science and Engineering IT Manager/Principal Computer Officer 3797 

College Finance Hub

Name Position Telephone Email
Emily Benito Finance Administrator  TBC 
Nigel Fisher Finance Administrator 7516 
Sue Griffiths Finance Administrator Team Leader

Charlotte McCormick Finance Administrator
Sunil Patel Finance Administrator