Emeritus, honorary and visiting staff

All telephone numbers are prefaced with +44 (0)116 252 when calling from outside the University unless otherwise stated.

Emeritus Professors

Name Email Telephone Discipline
Professor Ian Bowler  bowler.ian@gmail.com Geography
Professor Peter Harvey  pkh@le.ac.uk Geology
Professor John Hudson  Geology
Professor Aftab Khan  mak@le.ac.uk 3938  Geology
Professor Gareth Lewis  Geography
Professor Peter Maguire  pkm@le.ac.uk Geology
Professor Andy Saunders  ads@le.ac.uk 3923  Geology
Professor David Siveter  djs@le.ac.uk 3936  Geology
Professor Brian Windley  bfw@le.ac.uk 3939  Geology

Honorary Professors

Name Email Discipline
Professor Jonathan Beaverstock  Geography
Professor Mike Bradshaw  mjb41@le.ac.uk Geography
Professor John Luddon  Geology
Professor John Rees  Geology
Professor John Smellie  jls55@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Mike Stevenson  Geology
Dr Ian Smalley  Geography
Professor Nicholas Veck  nick.veck@sa.catapult.org.uk Geography
Professor Davor Vidas  Geology
Dr Colin Waters  Geology

Honorary Fellows

Name Email Discipline
Dr Paul Arellano  pa134@le.ac.uk Geography
Dr Sean Avery  Geography
Dr David Baines  Geology
Maral Bayaraa  Geology
Dr Malgorzata Bednarz  Geology
Dr Walid Ben Mansour  Geology
Dr Carys Bennett  ceb28@le.ac.uk Geology
Bill Birch  Geology
Dr Thilo Boeck  Geography 
Chris Brown  Geography
Dr Alodie Bubeck  ab711@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Roy Clements  rgc@le.ac.uk Geology
Thomas Codd   Geography 
Dr Sarah Cook  Geography
Dr Jennifer Dickie  Geography 
Dr Jen Dickinson  jd205@le.ac.uk Geography
Dr Mara Duer   Geography
James Eddy  james.eddy@bluesky-world.com  Geography
Dr Mark Evans  Geology
Dr Scott Fisher  Geography
Dr Zoe Gardner zg61@leicester.ac.uk
Dr Robert Goodall  rhg10@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Mark Harrison  Geography
Dr Ian Hill  iah@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Jennifer Inwood  ji18@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Nina Jordan  njj5@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Manuel Keith  mk528@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Sev Kender  Geology
Dr James Kwong  james@yogikwong.com Geography
Dr Phillip Leat  ptl5@le.ac.uk Geology
Nicholas Marsh  Geology
Dr Victoria McCoy  vem10@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Annette McGrath  am623@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Eleanor Milne  em192@le.ac.uk Geography
Dr Max Moorkamp  mm489@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Sally Morgan  Geology
Dr Ross Morrison  Geography
Dr Chris Munyati  Geography
Dr Michael Norry  nah@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Kenneth O'Hara-Dhand  Geography
Dr Nicola Pacini  Geography
Dr David Riley  Geology
Dr Stephen Rippington  Geology
Dr Bahar Sakizlioglu  Geography
Dr Claire Smith  Geography
Dr Geoffrey Smith  geoffsmith@specto-natura.co.uk Geography
Dr Sarah Thornton  Geography
Dr Sergio Carmelo Vinciguerra  sv127@le.ac.uk Geology
Dr Matthew Waldram  Geography
Dr Geoffrey Warrington  Geology
Dr Ian Wilkinson  Geology
Dr Helen Yaffe  Geography


Name Discipline
Keith Wills  Geology
Dr John Atibila  Geography