School of Geography, Geology and the Environment

Emeritus, honorary and visiting staff

All telephone numbers are prefaced with +44 (0)116 252 when calling from outside the University unless otherwise stated.

Emeritus professors

Name Email Telephone Discipline
Professor Ian Bowler Geography
Professor Richard England 3795  Geology
Professor David Harper     Geography 
Professor John Hudson  Geology
Professor Aftab Khan 3938  Geology
Professor Gareth Lewis  Geography
Professor Mike Lovell
Professor Clare Madge   Geography
Professor Peter Maguire Geology
Professor Andy Saunders 3923  Geology
Professor David Siveter 3936  Geology
Professor Brian Windley 3939  Geology
Professor Jan Zalasiewicz  3928  Geology 

Honorary professors

Name Email Discipline
Professor Mike Bradshaw Geography
Professor Loretta Lees
Professor John Ludden  Geology
Professor John Rees  Geology
Dr Ian Smalley 
Professor John Smellie Geology
Dr Mike Stevenson 
Professor Paul Van Gardingen  Geography
Professor Nicholas Veck Geography
Professor Davor Vidas  Geology
Dr Colin Waters  Geology

Honorary fellows

Name Email Discipline
Dr Tatiana Alvares-Sanchez

Dr Sean Avery  Geography
Dr David Baines  Geology
Dr Malgorzata Bednarz  Geology
Dr Carys Bennett Geology
Dr Walid Ben Mansour   Geology
Dr Bill Birch  Geology
Dr Kieran Blacker
Dr Dhiren Borisa   Geography
Chris Brown  Geography
Dr Alodie Bubeck Geology
Dr Alessandro Busà

John Clarkson   Geography
Dr Roy Clements Geology
Dr Beth Cole   Geography
Dr Sarah Cook  Geography
Dr Jen Dickinson Geography
Dr Cesare di Feliciantonio Geography 
Dr Mara Duer   Geography
Dr Jay Emery   Geography
Dr Joe Emmings   Geology 
Dr Mark Evans  Geology
Dr Robert Goodall Geology
Dr Mark Harrison  Geography
Dr Ian Hill Geology
Dr Katharina Hochmuth Geology
Dr Jennifer Inwood Geology
Dr Nina Jordan   Geology
Dr Manuel Keith Geology
Dr Phillip Leat Geology
Dr Valentin Louis
Dr Brett Matulis Geography
Dr Eva Marquis  Geology
Dr Victoria McCoy Geology
Dr Annette McGrath Geology
Dr Sue McLaren Geography
Dr Sirio Modugno   Geography
Dr Max Moorkamp Geology
Dr Sally Morgan  Geology
Dr Ross Morrison  Geography
Dr Chris Munyati  Geography
Dr Chris Ogden Geology
Dr Nicola Pacini  Geography
Dr Marc Padilla    Geography
Dr Stefano Portelli    Geography
Dr Tim Pritchard Geology
Dr Stephen Rippington  Geology
Dr Catherine Russell
Dr John Roberts
Dr Pedro Rodriguez-Veiga
Janet Sherwin  Geology
Dr Claire Smith  Geography
Dr Sara Thornton  Geography
Dr Sergio Carmelo Vinciguerra Geology
Dr Matthew Waldram  Geography
Dr Richard Walker  Geology
Dr Geoffrey Warrington  Geology
Dr Phillip Wilby   Geology
Dr Ian Wilkinson  Geology


Name Discipline
Dr Wenxing Hao Geology
Keith Wills  Geology
Dr Pan Xin  Geography

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