Professor Andy Saunders

Emeritus Professor of Geology

School/Department: Geography, Geology & The Environment, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)791 009 6139



My research over the last 5 decades or so has focussed on several topics. From initially studying the formation of igneous rocks from back-arc basins and island arcs my interests migrated more towards the formation of oceanic islands and large igneous provinces. However all of these systems are in many ways inter-related (after all they all co-exist on the same planet and involve the same fundamental processes) and the real fun comes from understanding the 'whole system' - the planet. Latterly I've enjoyed studying the links between large-scale volcanic eruptions - flood basalts - and climate change and mass extinctions. My research has taken me to all continents and many countries has used a variety of (generally quite expensive) geochemical techniques. and led to meeting lots of great people. I now enjoy reading what others are doing - especially in the study of exoplanets. I no longer teach alas but the students may think that that is a Good Thing.


My latest research has been studying the links between mantle plumes large igneous provinces and climate change. This is focused on the development of the Siberian Traps: was a mantle plume involved in their formation how long did they take to erupt and what was their impact on Earth’s climate?


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I am currently the Degree Accreditation Officer of the Geological Society. In addition to liaising with and assisting departments in their preparation for accreditation and re-accreditation of their degree programmes the role entails working with the Accreditation Committee and keeping abreast with national strategy on accreditation.


  • BSc Geology Sheffield 1972
  • MSc Mineral Chemistry Birmingham 1973
  • PhD Igneous petrology and Geochemistry Birmingham 1976
  • Chartered Geologist Geological Society of London 2016 ( current) 
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