Dr Joerg Kaduk

Associate Professor for Earth System Science

School/Department: Geography Geology & The Environment, School of

Telephone: +44 (0)116 252 3848



ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4051-3081

Twitter: @jkaduk


My first degree is Mathematics with minor Theoretical Physics from the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. After my first two course years I spent a year as DAAD exchange student at Imperial College in London. Back in Frankfurt I specialized in control theory. I went on to a PhD in Geosciences studying global carbon cycle modelling at the MPI for Meteorology in Hamburg where I build my own global terrestrial vegetation carbon cycle model SILVAN. I then continued my research as postdoc at the Department of Plant Biology of the Carnegie Institution of Washington in Stanford California. This took my research into ecology and the biophysical interactions at the land surface. I continued modelling with coupled carbon cycle - land surface modelling and started working with eddy covariance measurements. From the US I went to the School of Geography Geology and the Environment at the University of Leicester in the UK where I am now an Associate Professor and run a network of Eddy Covariance stations in East Anglia. I am a member of the Institute for Environmental Futures and Space Park Leicester and Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Authority.


In recent years my research has focused on carbon losses from peatlands under intensive agricultural use and the fire-climate interactions in Siberia. I am running a network of Eddy Covariance Stations in the Fens in East Anglia funded by NERC, DEFRA and BEIS and we have now more than 20 years of data from different land management. In Siberia, supported by a NERC grant, I had set up weather stations to explore differences in local conditions due to different fire regimes. I have a strong interest and background in modelling the atmospheric exchange fluxes and ecophysiologial development of terrestrial ecosystems using coupled land surface and carbon cycle models.


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Matysek, M., Leake, J., Banwart, S., Johnson, I., Page, S., Kaduk, J., Smalley, A., Cumming, A., & Zona, D. (2021). Optimizing fen peatland water-table depth for romaine lettuce growth to reduce peat wastage under future climate warming. Soil Use and Management, 1- 14. 

Sun, Q.; Burrell, A.; Barrett, K.; Kukavskaya, E.; Buryak, L.; Kaduk, J.; Baxter, R., 2021. Climate Variability May Delay Post-Fire Recovery of Boreal Forest in Southern Siberia, Russia. Remote Sensing, 13, 2247. 

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Ibrahim, Y. Z., Balzter, H., Kaduk, J., & Tucker, C. J. (2015). Land Degradation Assessment using Residual Trend Analysis of GIMMS NDVI3g, Soil Moisture and Rainfall in Sub-Saharan West Africa from 1982-2012. Remote Sensing, 7(5), 5471-5494. doi:10.3390/rs70505471

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Kaduk, J. D., & Los, S. O. (2011). Predicting the time of green up in temperate and boreal biomes. Climatic Change, 107(3), 277-304. doi:10.1007/s10584-010-9951-1


I am particularly interested in supervising dissertation projects on the following subjects:

  • Impacts of land management and agriculture on the greenhouse gas exchange of fenlands
  • Impact of climate change on agriculture in West Africa
  • Phenology, drought and fire feedbacks in temperate and boreal forests
  • Tree growth dynamics and plant resource allocation (tropical and boreal)
  • Role of plant resource allocation in the carbon cycle
  • Global carbon cycle dynamics

If you are interested in studying for a PhD in one of these research areas, please contact me or make informal enquiries via



I am teaching on all Geography courses of my School including the MSc in Satellite Data Science and the MSc in Environmental Futures. In the undergraduate courses I am particularly responsible for first year modules for Physical Geographers including the first year residential field trip. In the third year and on MSc level I teach on in my research area - the terrestrial biosphere. I am supervising dissertation students on all levels - undergraduate taught postgraduate and research postgraduate. At my School I am the plagiarism officer and responsible for training in academic integrity across all courses and dealing with all cases of academic misconduct. I have set up an international student exchange with the Department of Geography at the Goethe Universität in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Authority of the UK and trained external examiner.

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