Fourth year fieldwork

Fourth-year students have the option of an overseas field course, where you will use multidisciplinary data to unravel complex geologic relationships and the evolution of a region. You can also further your understanding of the Anthropocene (The Age of Humans) through the study of urban geology.

Advanced field course - Overseas

This is the culmination of your field studies. We visit a region of outstanding geological interest and explore its geological evolution. Recent trips have been to the Alps and to Sicily and the School varies the area from time to time. You will need to use all your existing field experience and research skills to get the most from this module.

Advanced field course - Urban Geology

students looking at a rock outcrop in urban nottinghamAnalysing the geology of urban areas is hugely important, not only in terms of potential resources and their management, but also as part of the management of actual and potential environmental problems. This module introduces some of the major features of urban geology with specific reference to Leicester, introduced through fieldwork and seminars, and outlines the ways in which the geology of urban areas may be systematically analysed.

Different combinations of field modules are available for students on each degree course - you should check the listing on each degree page to see modules available for that degree. Current field locations are listed, but changes occasionally occur, in which case courses will be replaced by another of similar quality.

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