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Research degrees

Why study for a PhD at Leicester?

English at Leicester is a major centre for research. We offer expert supervision by nationally- and internationally-recognised scholars and critics across the full range of literature, from the medieval period to the present day, including modern literary theory, editorial and bibliographical studies and literary biography, as well as major authors and various topics in the historical contexts of literature. We also offer a PhD in Creative Writing as well as a range of other areas of language study.

Our integrated arrangements for supervision, training, and academic seminars combine with a strong staff profile to provide an excellent environment for research and learning.

Assessment for the degrees of PhD and MPhil is by thesis and final oral examination.

See what facilities and resources Leicester can offer you as a research student.


As well as full-time students, we have many part-time postgraduate students working towards both research degrees and MAs.

The School of Arts can provide supervision for individual research projects (full-time or part-time) in most periods of English literature and some aspects of American literature.

Please note, you are not constrained by these specific research interests or topics.

All new postgraduate students undertake a course in Bibliography and Research Methods in their first term of registration.

Periods of registration

  • PhD full-time: Minimum 2 years, maximum 4 years
  • PhD part-time: Minimum 4 years, maximum 7 years
  • MPhil full-time: Minimum 1 year, maximum 2 years
  • MPhil part-time: Minimum 2 years, maximum 4 years


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