Postgraduate study

We cover a wide range of topics, from Charles Dickens to Christopher Marlowe, from Caribbean Literature to Middle English lyric, from Contemporary American Writing to Gender Studies, and from the Pre-Raphaelites to the 18th-century novel.

Postgraduate students are integral members of the School, with their own Postgraduate Student-Staff Committee, Research Forum and representation on Boards of Studies.

Masters degrees

Applied Linguistics and TESOL MA
1-2 years, full- or part-time
You’ve got a few years of teaching experience under your belt, but you’re ready to build your academic and professional expertise in the field of English Language Teaching practice. This degree can make it happen.

Applied Linguistics and TESOL MA (by distance learning)
Distance learning | 2½ years
Build your academic and professional expertise in applied linguistics and TESOL without falling behind in other areas of your life. You can study this MA online, from the comfort of your own home.

Creative Writing MA
1-2 years, full- or part-time
They say creative writing can’t be taught. We beg to differ. This Masters in creative writing is geared towards studying and experimenting across genres and forms, and will challenge you both intellectually and imaginatively.

English Language and Linguistics MA
1-2 years, full- or part-time
More than one billion people speak English. But there’s still much to glean from the way it works and how it’s used. In this degree, you’ll delve deeper into the English language and linguistics, and learn how to collect and analyse data along the way.

English Studies MA
1-2 years, full- or part-time
Pre-1800 classic English literature, or 21st century game changers? This MA allows you to focus on areas that pique your interest most, discover new ones, and sharpen your independent research skills to an advanced level.

Modern and Contemporary Literature (and Creative Writing) MA
1-2 years, full- or part-time
You’re passionate about 20th century and contemporary literature, but you’ve got an insatiable thirst for creative writing. We understand. That’s why you can combine the two paths with this one Masters degree.

1 year, full-time
Grounded in advanced theory and practice, this Masters in TESOL will give you the skills and knowledge to work in the English Language Teaching field – and make an impact to people’s lives all around the world.

Victorian Studies MA
1-2 years, full- or part-time
Rapid industrialisation. Class struggles. The Bronte sisters. However you look at it, the Victorian period was truly something. Through the lens of modern cultural and literary theories, you’ll explore a range of perspectives on life, art and literature during this time.

Postgraduate Certificate

Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) PGCert (by distance learning)
Distance learning | 9 months, part-time
Gaining extra qualifications is always a great idea – particularly if you want to boost your job prospects and deepen your learning. This PGCert will help build your existing skills and gain a qualification in TEAP.


The TEAP Sanctuary Scholarship is available to refugee and asylum seeker students applying for a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching English for Academic Purposes.

Waddington Scholarships are available to University of Leicester UK/EU and International students and are awarded on the basis of academic merit.