Scholarships and discounts

We are committed to attracting the brightest and the best students to Leicester regardless of background. At Leicester, we do not want fears about finance to stop prospective students from considering further study.

Please browse the list below to see if you qualify for any scholarships or, alternatively, take a look at the scholarships available to:

Please note that some of these scholarships are only available to students from certain countries.

All available scholarships and discounts

Scholarship Who is eligible?
Value of scholarship
Centenary Alumni Discount
Anyone who has graduated from the University of Leicester
20% fee discount
Chevening Scholarship International fee paying students
See Chevening Scholarship website
College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Masters Excellence Scholarship UK campus-based students Tuition fee waiver + £9,000 stipend
College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities Minority Ethnic Masters Scholarship UK based students starting September 2022 who self identify as Minority Ethnic Tuition fee waiver
College of Science and Engineering International Merit Scholarship  International students applying for a degree in the College of Science and Engineering, starting September 2022 or later  £3,000 or £5,000 per year 
Commonwealth Shared Scholarships Students from developing Commonwealth countries See Commonwealth Scholarships site
Distance Learning Merit Scholarship Distance learning students who have a first class undergraduate honours degree   MA: £800, PGDip: £500 and PGCert: £300 fee discounts
Distance Learning Full Fee Instalment Incentive Distance learning students who pay their tuition fee in full before the start of the course  5% fee discount
Family Loyalty Discount  International fee paying students who have a close relative who is studying at, or graduated from, Leicester
10% fee discount
Fulbright Scholarship Students from the USA, starting in 2021 Tuition fee waiver + £14,000
Leicester Postgraduate Partnership  Graduates of either University of Leicester or DMU, who have completed their studies.  20% fee discount 
LLM Scholarship International students applying to the School of Law
Scholarship worth up to £2,500
Media, Communications and Sociology International Merit Scholarship International-fee-paying students applying for a postgraduate degree in the University of Leicester School of Media, Communications and Sociology
£3,000 or £5,000 per year
Saïd Foundation Scholarship Residents of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan or Palestine
See Saïd Foundation website
Afghan Sanctuary Scholarship Afghan Resettlement Scheme students Tuition fee waiver + support package
Sanctuary Scholarships Asylum seekers Tuition fee waiver + support package
School of Business International Merit Scholarship  International students applying for a degree in the School of Business, starting September 2022 or later  £3,000 per year 

Sport scholarships

Our Sports Scholarships offer students at the University additional support so that they may continue their sporting lives alongside their academic studies while at Leicester. The programme consists of a number of elements across different areas that look to help a student reach their potential.

Music scholarships

Scholarship  Who is eligible? Value
Alumni Music Scholarship Students in their first year of study, who are Grade 6 or above
£500 for music lessons
Choral Scholarships at Leicester Cathedral
Students with choir-singing experience
Philharmonia Scholarship
Students in their first year of study, who are Grade 6 or above
£500 for music lessons

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