Leicester Postgraduate Partnership Scholarship

As part of an exciting new partnership between Leicester’s two universities, University of Leicester and De Montfort University, we are proud to offer graduates of either institute a bursary if you choose to sign up for a taught postgraduate course.

What's on offer?

Enjoy a 20% fee discount on a selection of postgraduate taught courses at either University of Leicester or De Montfort University.

Who is eligible?

Graduates of either University of Leicester or De Montfort University, who have completed their studies. The discount will be applied automatically for eligible students.


University of Leicester

Business and Law

  • Innovation Management in Organisations
  • Human Rights and Global Ethics
  • Actuarial Science

Computing, Engineering and Media

  • Bioinformatics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Human Technology Interaction
  • Info and Communication Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Media, Culture and Society
  • Media, Gender and Social Justice
  • Museum Studies
  • Applied Computation and Numerical Modelling MSc
  • Chemistry MSc
  • Digital Media and Society MA
  • Geographical Information Science MSc
  • Global Media and Communication MA
  • Satellite Data Science MSc
  • Space Exploration Systems MSc

Health and Life Sciences

  • Bioinformatics
  • Biological Sciences – suite of courses
  • Cancer – suite of courses
  • Molecular Genetics
  • Chronic disease/immunity
  • Infection/immunity
  • Forensic Science and Criminal Justice
  • Criminology
  • Healthcare management
  • Research methods – suite of courses
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Cancer Cell and Molecular Biology MSc
  • Cancer Molecular Pathology and Therapeutics MSc
  • Crime, Justice and Psychology MSc
  • Criminology in Practice MSc
  • Diabetes MSc by DL
  • Financial Mathematics and Computation MSc
  • Medical Statistics MSc
  • Occupational Psychology MSc by DL
  • Psychology of Work MSc by DL
  • Quality and Safety in Healthcare MSc
  • Translation Studies MA
  • Urban Conservation MA

Art, Design and Humanities

  • Art Museum and Gallery Studies MA
  • Archaeology and Heritage MA
  • Environmental Futures MSc
  • Heritage and Interpretation MA
  • Victorian Studies MA
  • The Classical Mediterranean MA by DL
  • Intelligence and Security MA by DL
  • International Security Studies MA
  • Mass Communications MA
  • The Politics of Conflict and Violence MA by DL
  • Security and Risk Management MA by DL
  • Security, Conflict and International Development MA by DL
  • Socially Engaged Practice in Museums and Galleries MA
  • Terrorism, Security and Policing MSc

De Montfort University

Business and Law

  • Air Transport Management MSc
  • Air Transport Management MSc
  • Project Management MSc
  • Forensic Accounting MSc

Computing, Engineering and Media

  • Intelligent Systems
  • Intelligent Systems and Robotics
  • Cyber Security
  • Cyber Technology [excluding Software Engineering pathway]
  • Investigative Journalism (MA)
  • Music, Technology and Innovation (MA)
  • Energy and Sustainable Development
  • Energy and Sustainable Building Design
  • Energy Engineering

Health and Life Sciences

  • Advanced Biomedical Science
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical Quality by Design
  • Health Psychology
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Social Work

Art, Design and Humanities

  • Architecture and Sustainability MSc
  • Fine Art MA
  • Interior Design MA
  • Product Design MA
  • Contour Fashion Innovation MA
  • Fashion and Textiles MA
  • Fashion Management with Marketing MA
  • Design Management and Entrepreneurship MA
  • Design Innovation MA/MSc
  • Cultural Events Management MSc
  • Performance Practices MA
  • Chorography MA
  • Photographic History MA
  • Sport Management

Terms and conditions

Scholarships are available for selected postgraduate taught master’s courses running in the 2023/24 academic session. Course exclusions apply; please check with the Admissions Office that your chosen course is eligible if it is not listed above.

This scholarship is not available for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research courses.

The scholarship will act as a tuition fee discount to be applied at the point of registration. Applicants do not need to apply for the Leicester Postgraduate Progression Scholarship the award will automatically be confirmed for eligible students.

Maximum scholarship duration: in recognition of the fact that tuition fee payment is/may be spread over a number of academic years, the percentage discount offered at registration for postgraduate taught degree programmes will remain constant for a maximum of:

  • One year for a full-time MA or MSc, or three years part-time (180 credits)
  • One year for a full-time PG Dip, or two years part-time (120 credits)
  • One year for a full-time or part-time PG Cert (60 credits)

The scholarship is valid for all intakes within the 2023/24 academic session – scholarships cannot normally be deferred by the applicant to a subsequent academic year, unless their course offer has been deferred to an alternative year of entry. Applicants must have previously studied and successfully completed a degree at either the DMU Leicester campus or through DMU’s transnational education partner.

Students in receipt of the scholarship will not be eligible for any other University of Leicester scholarship or award. Students who actively apply for and are successfully awarded another scholarship, that award will supersede the entitlement to any automatically awarded scholarship

No cash alternatives will be offered and the scholarship cannot be transferred to a nominated recipient. Scholarships are only available to students paying all their own fees (partially sponsored students will not be eligible).

Students in receipt of a Postgraduate Master’s Loan will still be eligible. Where a student terminates or interrupts their studies, prior to the completion of their postgraduate taught course, the net tuition fee will be calculated based on the last date of attendance on the basis of a twelve month course. A partial month is treated as a full month and after seven months, the full tuition fee will be charged. Students going into suspense will be calculated in the same way and charged in the same way on return.

Scholarships will be honoured for course transfers within the University of Leicester (providing the transfer is to an eligible course).

Students eligible for more than one award will automatically be awarded the one of greater financial value.

The University of Leicester reserves the right to cancel any scholarship which has been claimed fraudulently and to apply the full tuition fee. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the University.

The University of Leicester reserves the right to revise, review or withdraw any of the scholarships at any time without prior notice.

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