Family Loyalty Discount

The Family Loyalty Discount is for international fee paying students. It entitles you to 10% off your course fees for each year of a full-time course, whether that is an undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree, foundation course or English language course.

You must be the sibling, spouse or child of someone who is either currently studying on, or has graduated from, a full-time course here at the University of Leicester. That relative must also be (or have been) classified as an international fee paying student.

  • Siblings: you and your sibling can have one or both parents in common.
  • Children/parents: you can be related by blood or by marriage.
  • Spouses: You cannot become eligible for this discount by marrying someone who is currently studying at the University.

To apply for a Family Loyalty Discount you must complete this form (PDF, 424kb) and bring it, with the required evidence, to the Student Services Centre on campus or email it to We recommend that you apply when registering for your course, or soon after. Applications cannot be accepted more than four months after your course start date. Our Academic Office will consider your application and let you know whether it has been approved.

When two or more family members register at the same time the family discount is split between them, ie. two family members would each receive a 5% discount.

Please note that you cannot receive the Family Loyalty Discount if you have already received another discount/scholarship from the University, such as the Alumni Loyalty Discount.

If you are uncertain about your eligibility or have any other queries about this discount, please contact

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