Centre for Regional and Local History


Prefix telephone numbers with 0116 252 (or 223/373 where indicated) when calling from outside the University.

Academic staff

Name  Position  Telephone  Email 
Dr Richard Jones  Associate Professor in Landscape History   2764  rlcj1@le.ac.uk 
Dr Angela Muir

Lecturer in British Social and Cultural History, Director of the Centre

763  am1074@le.ac.uk
Veena Patel  Graduate Teaching Assistant n/a  vp163@le.ac.uk 

University Fellows and Honorary Visiting staff

Name  Position  Email
Professor Derek Aldcroft  Honorary Visiting Fellow  dha2@le.ac.uk 
Dr Juliet Bailey  Honorary Fellow  jb867@le.ac.uk
Dr Amanda de Belin  Honorary Visiting Fellow  mdb36@le.ac.uk 
Karen Donegani Honorary Visiting Fellow kd257@le.ac.uk 
Professor Christopher Dyer  Leverhulme Research Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Regional and Local History  cd50@le.ac.uk 
Dr Richard Dyson  Honorary Visiting Fellow   
Dr Pamela Fisher  Victoria County History of Leicestershire (LVCHT)  pjf7@le.ac.uk 
Dr Michael Gilbert Honorary Visiting Fellow (and Chair of the Friends) mg502@le.ac.uk
Dr Richard Gilbert  Honorary Visiting Fellow   
Mr Glyn Hughes Honorary Visiting Fellow Glyn.Hughes@newark-sherwooddc.gov.uk
Dr Rachael Jones Honorary Visiting Fellow rj176@leicester.ac.uk
Dr Susan Kilby  Honorary Visiting Fellow   
Dr Bridget Lewis  Honorary Visiting Fellow  bl73@le.ac.uk 
Dr Mark Page  Honorary Visiting Fellow  mrp15@le.ac.uk 
Professor Charles Phythian-Adams  Former Head of Department of English Local History  cvpa1@le.ac.uk 
Mr Julian R. Pooley  Honorary Visiting Fellow  jrp21@le.ac.uk 
Professor Kevin Schurer  Emeritus Professor of English Local History  ks291@le.ac.uk 
Professor Keith Snell  Emeritus Professor of Rural and Cultural History  kdm@le.ac.uk 
Dr Paul Stamper Honorary Visiting Fellow  
Dr Andrew Watkins  Honorary Visiting Fellow (LVCHT)  aw394@le.ac.uk 

Centre alumni

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