School of Engineering

Healthcare Technologies

Engineering can play a transformative role in healthcare and within the school of Engineering, an active group of researchers collaborate with clinicians from Leicester University Hospitals Trust and academics working across the life sciences, to address clinically relevant challenges. Research interests stretch from biomaterials for tissue regeneration and drug discovery, to modelling of the biomechanics and fluid dynamics of the cardiovascular system; from the development of digital asthma patients to biological signal processing. Advanced imaging and big data within the healthcare field mean our researchers are applying AI methods to ultimately improve patient outcomes.  Practical research is advantaged by the imaging capabilities of the Advanced Microscopy Centre housed within the School, with a range of commercial and open source software available for computational analysis.


  • Dr Bing Ji - Bing specialises in electronic circuits and sensors for system-in-package and smart actuators. He is also working on switching-mode PWM and resonant DC/DC power converters, battery chargers, battery management systems.

  • Dr Jenny Shepherd - Jenny is particularly interested in the way engineered, biomimetically inspired structures can support human tissue regeneration or be applied in drug discovery.

  • Dr Kelechi Ebirim - Kelechi collaborates with the cardiovascular sciences research group through the optimization of a data preprocessing, cleaning and analysis graphical user interface (GUI), useful for machine learning.

  • Dr Matteo Angelino - Matteo is an expert in Computational Fluid Dynamics applied to the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system.

  • Professor Simon Gill - Simon develops biomechanical models for the lower airways in the human lung.

  • Dr Xin Li - Xin specialties in biological signal processing, electronics and AI algorithms are helping to develop emerging health care technologies for better patient care and optimised treatments.

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