Stoneygate Centre for Empathic Healthcare


Undergraduate training

Person with a stethoscope, examining another person whilst a student observes Empathy can be taught, and our first step has been to include empathy training in the medical school’s Medical Foundation Year curriculum. This has been a resounding success.

Now, together with our partners from across the healthcare sector, we are developing, piloting and evaluating the UK’s first medical curriculum to incorporate mandatory empathy modules at all stages of medical training for University of Leicester undergraduate medical students.

Our focus on patient-centred training sets us apart from other medical schools, with outreach activities that seek to recruit a diverse cohort of students who are representative of the communities they serve. 

By building on Leicester University’s strong tradition of producing compassionate doctors, with a golden thread of empathy throughout our world-first medical curriculum, we aim to provide the NHS with the most empathic, compassionate and resilient junior doctors possible.

Postgraduate training

Building on our experience and expertise in delivering effective empathy training to undergraduate medical students, we will develop a set of clinical empathy modules and training resources for use in the postgraduate medical population.

Professional development and compassionate leadership

We will apply our curriculum to a series of modular CPD courses for healthcare professionals recognised by regulatory bodies such as the GMC. This will support the development of resilience and wellbeing right across the healthcare profession. We will also work towards delivering ‘top-up’ modules to ensure empathic and compassionate leadership training is delivered for all levels of experience.

Creative Medicine and Medical Humanities

Creative medicine includes creative writing, narrative medicine, performative medicine and is commonly used as a tool to enhance both the empathy and the wellbeing of healthcare practitioners and medical students. Because of its importance, creative medicine will form a significant component of the “walk a mile in your shoes”, a core stream of the Stoneygate Centre for Empathic Care’s novel empathy curriculum.


To establish a creative medicine stream within the Stoneygate Centre for Empathic Healthcare that is a world leading hub for the development and delivery of creative medicine.


  • Develop, deliver, evaluate, and report on the creative medicine part of the “walk a mile in your shoes” curriculum stream. This stream has a separate faculty that will co-ordinate with the Creative Medicine faculty.
  • Develop an evidence-based “Creative Medicine” continuing professional development course / MSc course for healthcare professionals and advanced medical students.
  • Develop an evidence-based “Medical Humanities” continuing professional development course / MSc course for healthcare professionals and advanced medical students.
  • Apply for funding.

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