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Research institutes and centres

finds processingThe College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities incorporates research centres and institutes that are world leading in their fields.

Browse the colleges two research institutes and nine research centres.

Research institutes

Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies

The Leicester Institute for Advanced Studies is an interdisciplinary centre of excellence. Dedicated to creating a collaborative and inspiring environment, it brings together researchers from across all disciplines to deliver ambitious, transformative, and impactful research.

Research centres

Centre for Regional and Local History

The Centre for Regional and Local History is devoted to the study of local history everywhere in England and Wales. Its foundation helped to found local history as a respected academic discipline, and after many universities and colleges have taken up the subject, it is respected as the pioneer, and as a continuing source of new ideas.

Centre for European Law and Internationalisation

CELI brings together researchers with an interest in the fields of all aspects of European law in the widest sense and in trends of internationalisation, for example in relation to global trade or in relation to human rights. It promotes academic research (including postgraduate research), holds seminars and conferences, and receives visitors wishing to conduct research in this area.

Centre for Hate Studies

With hate and extremism having increasing relevance to multiple fields of work, the Centre for Hate Studies works with organisations all over the world to improve responses through evidence-based training, research and evaluation. We shape policy and practice by enabling professionals to engage with diversity, support victims and tackle hate.

Centre for New Writing

The Centre for New Writing wants to create dynamic and innovative writing environments which benefit writers and communities alike. Its commitment to researching, developing and promoting literary diversity informs the projects it supports and shapes its annual programme of events.

Leicester Medieval Research Centre

The Leicester Medieval Research Centre was established in 1996 to co-ordinate interdisciplinary research and teaching in medieval subjects across the College of Social Science, Arts, and Humanities, and to host conferences, colloquia and a programme of lectures and seminars by local and visiting speakers.

Research Centre for Museum Studies and Galleries

The Research Centre for Museum Studies and Galleries stimulates new thinking and creative practice that enables cultural organisations to become more ambitious and impactful in nurturing more equitable and inclusive societies. The Centre understands museums, galleries and heritage as part of – and active in shaping - the contemporary world.

The Stanley Burton Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies

The Stanley Burton Centre is a non-profit teaching and research centre within the School of History, Politics and International Relations and it is the oldest Holocaust research centre in the UK.

Centre for Urban History

The Centre for Urban History is a specialist research centre for the historical study of towns and cities which attracts scholars and students from around the world.

Victorian Studies Centre

The Victorian Studies Centre has a distinguished record of innovation and excellence in interdisciplinary research and teaching at postgraduate level. Established in 1966 with a generous grant from the Leverhulme Trust, it is the longest established Victorian Studies Centre in Britain.

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