College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities


The College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities is home to a wide range of new and exciting research. Our dynamic environment emphasises a collegial atmosphere among academic staff and research students which has allowed for the formation of innovative research groups and high-impact research projects.

International networks facilitate collaborative work focused on theoretical and real-world solutions.

The distinctive research strengths of the college are captured within the following themes:

  • Heritage (History and Science of the Human Past)
  • Creativity, Culture and Media
  • Diversity, Equality and Rights
  • Crime, Intelligence and Security
  • Health Research in Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Work, Employment and Productivity

Funding opportunities within the college

We are pleased to offer funded scholarship opportunities for those interested in researching arts, humanities and social sciences. These include our new 4 Year Doctoral Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) Studentships for BAME Applicants and the University’s sanctuary scholarships. Alongside opportunities from Midlands4Cities and the ESRC Midlands Graduate School Doctoral Training Partnership.

Explore all funding opportunities.

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