A woman looks at a set of small framed paintings, one of Queen Victoria of England, and an accompanying bust in an art gallery


CRÍA is an arts-centred interdisciplinary research hub in the School of Museum Studies. With a shared focus on the value of art and creative practice, our work spans art-specific institutions and arts-based methodologies.   

Our research: 

  • Addresses the role and value of institutions that are art- and artist-centred (including non-collecting organisations as well as museums) and the shifting social, economic and political conditions and contexts they navigate.
  • Explores the interconnectedness of art and its forms (performance, theatre, film, fine art, multi-modality).
  • Explores and demonstrates the importance and role of art practice and arts-based research for understanding our contemporary historical moment.
  • Develops, assesses, and pioneers community-led arts-based research methodologies in theory and practice.

CRÍA’s innovative and dynamic research culture facilitates interdisciplinary thinking and practice. Co-productive, collaborative, and experimental methodologies bring together staff, students and practitioners across and beyond the university. As a centre for contemporary debate and as a hub for PhD study, we are interested in developing collaborative projects with partners around the world. 

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