School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences


Sandwich or summer placements are arguably the best way to get to know future graduates, build a relationship with them and allow them to get to know your business.


Students who have completed their second year can go on a placement in industry as part of their degree. At this time, students are fluent in Java, Database and Web technologies and have completed their second year group project.

Students start looking for sandwich placements from the start of their second year onwards. If you are looking for suitable candidates, visit our student recruitment webpage.


We are also offering ‘with Industry’ versions of our MSc programmes, where students take a 3 or 6 to 8 month placement before their MSc project. Students who hold Tier 4 visas are allowed to undertake work as required by the placement. They will still be considered students of the University while on placement and the placement forms an assessed part of the course.

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