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Expertise and support for businesses

Where is your next innovation going to come from? Are you looking to develop new products, but lack the time and resources to do so? Do you want to explore new technologies through feasibility studies and prototypes? Do you feel the skills gap, and can't find the expertise your need to develop your business?

We can help transform your business - with our world-leading research and a proven history of delivering cutting-edge and game-changing projects within the industry, we possess the expertise to revolutionise your business. From our Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) projects to our consultancy services and professional training programmes, we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge and driving innovation in the business realm.

Industrial practice is both a source of inspiration and measure of success for our teaching and research. Co-operation with industry, co-ordinated through our Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), takes the form of mentoring, jointly supervised students projects and placements, consulting and training, as well as support in careers and recruitment. Please get in touch ( to find out the most suitable form of co-operation for your problem.

Would you like to build relationships with Leicester students, to keep talent and help them develop the skills you need?

Engage with our students through:

  • Consulting and training.
  • Mentoring, keeping in regular contact with selected students, offering advice and work experience.
  • Student projects, with groups or individual students at BSc or MSc level.
  • Placements, as unpaid volunteering, summer or sandwich placements for BSc or MSc students.

If you want to update yourself or your staff, have a look at our opportunities for bespoke professional training.

Get in touch

For more information or to answer any queries, please contact: Professor Reiko Heckel (Industry Liaison).

To advertise your vacancies, become involved in careers events or deliver a presentation to our students, contact our Careers Tutor.

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