Computer Science at the University of Leicester

Computer Science at Leicester is dynamic and takes a scientific and rigorous approach to computing. We recognise that computing is a vibrant and diverse discipline that ranges from the management and architecture of global IT projects, through to the scientific development of innovative theories and technologies. With such variety we can help you to build on your strengths and interests, whether they lie in creativity, inventiveness, scientific problem-solving, or in applying business sense and organisation.

Project work forms a vital part of your understanding and is seen as highly desirable by graduate employers. Second year projects can teach you the demands of working in a professional environment as you deliver projects that are commissioned by real clients. In your final year, you will take a project into your own hands, exercising your creativity and innovation to design a solution and applying all that you have been taught to deliver it. Previous projects have included 3D games, mobile phone/tablet apps, security software, internet telephony and programming robots.

Our academics work on national and international projects and we collaborate with researchers around the world to push the boundaries of knowledge, so the modules you study are modern, cover state-of-the-art topics and are taught by experts.

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