Media today are in our pockets, on our bedside tables and in our classrooms as we witness the expansion of media platforms and practices beyond the family television and desktop computer.

The authoritative reporting of broadcast journalists is increasingly challenged by the emotional storytelling of citizen journalists on Twitter. The classical celebrities of film studios now compete for the spotlight with reality TV stars and Instagram influencers. Media debates are today integral to social and cultural change and to political revolution, and media spaces enable new opportunities for a widening range of activities.

Our degree programmes are designed to offer you the chance to explore a wide range of specialist subjects within the wider field of media and communication. The core modules will lead you towards specialist study in the areas that are of particular interest to you.

Among other things, you can choose to study media audiences, media production, media policy; film, television, games and other online media forms; journalism and/or international communication. You will be studying in a stimulating learning environment with some of the leading scholars in the field today. At the end of your degree, not only will you have an in-depth understanding of the field of communication and media research, but you will also have gained the analytical, practical and research skills necessary for living and working in today’s media-saturated world.

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