The alumni contact service

My enquiry was really a shot in the dark and I did not expect anything to come from it. So I am amazed that I should be able to make contact again some 40 years after! What an incredibly valuable service you provide, you should be super proud of the service you provide! Thank you again!

David B

Have you lost contact with a friend, or friends, from your time at the University of Leicester? If so, we may be able to help you rekindle your friendship!

We offer the alumni contact service between graduates; before we can contact anyone on your behalf we must first confirm both your identity and the identity of the person you wish to contact. To do this, please contact us ( and provide the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your full name at the time of your graduation (if different)
  • Your date of birth
  • Your subject of study e.g. History BA, Medicine MBChB
  • Your graduation year

We would also ask for the following details for the graduate you wish to contact:

  • Full name
  • Subject of study
  • Graduation year
  • A brief outline of how you knew them e.g. studied on same degree course, lived in same halls, were members of same student club or society

If you cannot provide all of the above details, we will do our best to confirm the other graduates identity. Please be aware that if you cannot provide sufficient detail we may be unable to fulfil your alumni contact request.

Once we have confirmed your identity and the identity of the person you wish to contact, we will be able to send a letter or email on your behalf inviting the graduate to get in touch with you. Responding to the alumni contact request is entirely at their discretion, and we will not send further mailings on your behalf if they do not respond. If the graduate informs us that they do not wish to reconnect with you, we will let you know.

Please be aware that we cannot provide another graduates details to you directly, nor can we provide mailing lists or lists of names of fellow alumni who were on your course.

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