Politics and International Relations at Leicester is a dynamic and friendly community. Politics has been taught at Leicester since the 1940s and we have always been at the cutting-edge of British political science – we aim to fire your intellectual curiosity about the politics of the world.

As well as examining the workings of political systems in Britain and other states, you will explore some of the most important and interesting issues in politics, exploring questions such as: Who holds power and why? Is there a crisis of political participation? What are the appropriate limits to individual liberty? Is globalisation a positive process? When is war just?

Our lecturers produce internationally renowned, cutting-edge research, and are keen to share their knowledge. During your time with us, we will encourage you to focus your studies on your own areas of interest.

All our degrees offer a wide range of exciting module choices – and as our lecturers have such diverse interests, you will receive enthusiastic support and guidance for whichever area you choose.

We are aware of the expectation for a degree to enhance your career prospects. With this in mind, we have worked with the University of Leicester Career Development Service to design modules that will ensure you are well equipped to secure graduate roles or places on postgraduate courses.

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