American Studies at the University of Leicester

Despite being a relatively young nation, America’s history is defined by the enormity of the changes that have shaped it – the War of Independence, the American Civil War, the Wall Street Crash and the Civil Rights Movement.

The impact of the country’s rapid growth has been felt, in one way or another, throughout the world and any conversation from economics to cinema, from politics to human rights, will be directly or indirectly affected by American ideas and developments.

At Leicester, you will be able to explore all that has made America what it is today. Our courses are popular because of the depth and breadth of expertise in the Centre for American Studies across American history, literature, politics and film. While historic and traditional America features strongly on our degrees, the contemporary moment is a particular focus, whether in fiction, politics or cinema, making our degrees especially lively and relevant.

The variety of people, ideas and actions that have built America is reflected in our module choices. The first year will give you a thorough grounding in the different aspects of American Studies and, as you advance through the degree, you will have more and more freedom to direct your degree and choose module subjects that fascinate you.

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