College of Life Sciences

Renewing your honorary title

On a quarterly basis, each department will be notified of the honorary titles they host, which are due to expire in the forthcoming three months. They will be asked to advise if the title is to end on the specified date or to submit an application to extend those which they would like to continue.


Individuals who wish to renew their honorary title will be required to provide the following and should send to their University host department:

  • A completed honorary title request form, identified as a renewal case, signed by Head of Department. Please note that your contact number will be used by IT to change your password.
  • A report outlining the activity undertaken since the title was last awarded and proposed future contribution to the University and the College. Typically this will be no longer than 2 pages with a font size no smaller than 12.
  • Evidence of leave to remain if the previous leave to remain has expired or will do so during the period of the title request.

In addition College will seek a reference for all clinical/allied health professionals from the NHS Trust in which they are employed, or their designated body, to ensure they are in good standing with both their professional/statutory or regulatory body and their employing organisation and to ensure it is supportive of any application. All clinical applicants employed by an NHS Trust will be expected to have discussed their application with their Clinical Director and Medical Director.

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