College of Life Sciences

New Honorary Title Considerations

Those wishing to apply for a new title of Honorary Fellow, Honorary Lecturer or Honorary Senior Lecturer are encouraged to do so at any time.

Those wishing to seek new Honorary Associate Professor or Honorary Professor titles have the opportunity to do so regularly throughout the year:

Applications to be submitted to host Department

College Staffing Committee Date

Documents need to be submitted to the College of Life Sciences HR team by

Confirm with your host department

Monday 26th February 2pm – 4pm

Friday 9th February 12pm

Confirm with your host department

Monday 20th May 2pm – 4pm

Friday 3rd May 12pm

Confirm with your host department

Monday 15th July 2pm – 4pm

Friday 28th June 12pm

Confirm with your host department

Monday 23rd September 2pm – 4pm

Friday 6th September 12pm

Applicants for all honorary titles should nominate a member of University staff to act as their ‘sponsor’. Applicants are strongly advised to have discussed the detail of their application with and sought the support of their sponsor prior to submitting their application to the University. For many applicants the identification of a sponsor will be straight forward i.e. the Head of the University department which you are working with, or your University collaborator. In the absence of an obvious sponsor, please contact for advice on how to proceed.


You need to submit the following paperwork to your University host department:

  • Completed honorary title application form and accompanying documentation. Please note that your contact number will be used by IT to change your password.
  • Your CV which may be no longer than six pages, excluding the appendices and font which may be no smaller than point 12
  • A personal statement with respect to your contribution no longer than one page of A4. Please show that you meet the criteria for any educational roles.
  • For Honorary Associate Professor and Honorary Professor applications only - you will need to provide the names and contact details of two external referees. Individuals should be national/international leaders in their professional area. These referees should be able to confirm that the individual concerned is of such intellectual and leadership calibre that they are of equivalent merit to a substantive Professor/Associate Professor at Leicester.

In addition, we will seek a reference for all clinical/allied health professionals from the NHS Trust in which they are employed, or their designated body, to ensure they are in good standing with both their professional/statutory or regulatory body and their employing organisation and to ensure it is supportive of any application. All clinical applicants employed by an NHS Trust will be expected to have discussed their application with their Clinical Director and Medical Director.

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