College of Life Sciences

How to apply

University host department

Individuals who wish to be considered for an honorary title or promotion will be required to contact their University host department with respect to submission.

Area  Contact 
School of Healthcare  Louise Goddard 
School of Biological Sciences  Vickie Boulter 
Cardiovascular Sciences  Janette Moore 
Genetics and Genome Biology  Sarah Laband
Leicester Cancer Research Centre  Linda Willis
Leicester Medical School  Jaede Todner 
Molecular and Cell Biology  Brankica Besevic
School of Physiology and Vision Sciences Zoe Skidmore 
Population Health Sciences  Sharon Simpson 
School of Psychology  Vickie Boulter 
School of Physiology- Clinical Psychology Aphrodite Papailiadi 
Respiratory Sciences  Hannah Brewin
Diabetes Research Centre  Raj Gill 


Applicants for all honorary titles should nominate a member of University staff within their University host department to act as their ‘sponsor’. Applicants are strongly advised to have discussed the detail of their application with and sought the support of their sponsor prior to submitting their application to the University.

For many applicants the identification of a sponsor will be straight forward i.e. the Head of the University department which you are working with, or your University collaborator. In the absence of an obvious sponsor, please contact Nicole Riley for advice on how to proceed.


Individuals wishing to apply will need to submit relevant documentation to their University host department depending on what they are applying for:

NHS Research Governance

Where it is determined that the duties of this post for the purposes of research involve work with the NHS, it is necessary to ensure that the performance of the duties attached to the post are covered by NHS indemnity arrangements.

The department should be mindful that in some cases it may be necessary to submit an NHS research governance assessment form and submit to Nicole Riley for further consideration.

This does not apply where the honorary title request is for a substantive clinician undertaking research within the Trust in which they are employed as they are covered by their substantive contract of employment.

Title considerations

Applications received via the College honorary titles inbox will be sent to the relevant panel for consideration.

In addition to your application the College will seek a reference for all clinical/allied health professionals from the NHS Trust in which they are employed, or their designated body, to ensure they are in good standing with both their professional/statutory or regulatory body and their employing organisation and to ensure it is supportive of any application. All clinical applicants employed by an NHS Trust will be expected to have discussed their application with their Clinical Director and Medical Director.

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