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Academic Scholarships and Home Fees

Home tuition fee rates

Refugee and Humanitarian Protection

Students with Refugee or Humanitarian Protection status qualify for Home tuition fee rates.

Ukraine Schemes

From 1 August 2022, if you have been granted leave under the Homes for Ukraine or Ukraine Family schemes, or under the Ukraine Extension scheme, and have been a resident in the UK, you will be treated the same as a UK resident for higher education fees and funding. You will also qualify for advanced learner loans for further education courses. You do not need to demonstrate three years ordinary residence in the UK before the start of your course, but you will need to show that you have been resident in the UK since your leave was granted.

Asylum seeker, DLR and LLR

The University of Leicester charges Home tuition fee rates for students with Asylum Seeker status, and for students who got Discretionary Leave to Remain (DLR) or Limited Leave to Remain (LLR) as a result of an asylum application.

Please email Admissions ( for undergraduate, for postgraduate) including your name, student number and proof of status to make sure you are charged the correct fee amount.

Sanctuary scholarships for campus-based academic programmes

Sanctuary Scholarships (General)

Each Sanctuary Scholarship consists of a tuition fee waiver for a campus-based academic programme, and a support package to be confirmed following assessment with our Welfare Service. The number of awards available are:

  • 2 x Undergraduate awards
  • 1 x Taught Masters award
  • 1 x PhD award.

Deadline for applications: to be confirmed

You can find more information about these Sanctuary scholarships in the scholarships and discounts section of our website.

Sanctuary scholarships for distance learning programmes

School of History, Politics and International Relations

1 full fee waiver on 5 distance learning master degree programmes twice a year (up to 10 scholarships per year) :

You can find more information about these Sanctuary scholarships for distance learning master programmes in the Politics and International Relations section of our website.

Ukraine Conflict Distance Learning Sanctuary Scholarship

What is it?

This Sanctuary Scholarship offers an opportunity to study at the University of Leicester via distance learning for students whose access to higher education has been significantly restricted due to the conflict in Ukraine.

The scholarship provides a full fee waiver.

Applicants can be based anywhere in the world and hold any nationality but must be able to demonstrate that the conflict in Ukraine has created a barrier to higher education for them. Applicants must have regular access to the internet. We welcome applications from those who were displaced from Ukraine but did not qualify for the Homes for Ukraine scheme in the UK. We will determine eligibility on a case-by-case basis.

You can find more information about these Ukraine Conflict Distance Learning Sanctuary Scholarships in the scholarships and discounts section of the our website.

School of Business

2 full fee waivers from a choice of 3 distance learning master degree programmes twice a year (up to 4 scholarships per year):

For more information about our Sanctuary scholarships for distance learning master programmes, please contact School of Business' Sustainability Lead Dr Cristina Fona at

Other University of Leicester scholarships and discounts

We offer a range of other scholarships which are not specifically for refugee-background students, but which some refugee-background students may be eligible to apply for. You can read about these on our scholarships and discounts page.

Sanctuary scholarships across the UK

There are many other university scholarships and discounts available to refugee-background students across the UK. You can find many of these on the Student Action for Refugees and the Displaced Student Opportunities UK websites.

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