English Language Teaching Unit

Words and Meaning: English Vocabulary Development

Improve your English language and skills and prepare for an internationally-recognised qualification

Credits 15 
Availability Semester 1
Classes 3 hours per week
Module Leader

Luke Timms

Module names and codes

  • Words & Meaning: English Vocabulary Development EL2012

Module aims

  • ascertain your own vocabulary level using a self-assessment test
  • record and learn vocabulary so that you can expand the range of vocabulary you use during and after the module
  • utilise the Academic Word List (AWL) to prioritise high-frequency vocabulary in written academic discourse
  • apply lexical approaches to chunking language
  • distinguish near-synonyms by comparing collocation, connotation and word grammar
  • investigate vocabulary for your own academic field in order to improve your ability to communicate in your discipline
  • use metalanguage to describe vocabulary
  • use dictionaries, corpora, concordancers and other resources in order to increase the range and accuracy of your vocabulary usage

Who are these modules for?

  • These modules are open to all Erasmus and Study Abroad students for university credits
  • Students are expected to have a level of English of: CEFR C1


  • Coursework assignment
  • Written test

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