English Language Teaching Unit

Erasmus and Study Abroad

Every year, the English Language Teaching Unit welcomes large numbers of Erasmus and Study Abroad students from around the world. Whatever your needs and interests in English, the ELTU has a module for you.

  • Modules which focus on a wide range of language areas
  • Improve your English through the study of other areas such as literature, the media and popular culture
  • Maximum 16 students in a class
  • Study with students from a wide variety of cultures

Modules offered by the ELTU

You can download the module specifications for all EL Modules (PDF). This includes information about the aims of the modules and methods of assessment.

Module Credits Availability 
Academic Writing
15 Semester 1 and 2
Academic Speaking  15  Semester 1 and 2 
Words and Meaning: English Vocabulary Development 
15   Semester 1 and 2  
English Grammar in Use  15   Semester 1 and 2  
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)   15   Semester 1 and 2  
Language and Media  15   Semester 1 and 2  
English Language and Literary Studies  15   Semester 1 and 2  
Shakespeare and English Language  15 Semester 1 and 2

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