Chaplaincy to the University of Leicester

Luke Briggs

Hi, I’m Luke.Luke Briggs University of Leicester Chaplaincy

I moved to Leicester in June 2019 to be the full-time Anglican Chaplain. Before that I was something called an Associate Rector (kinda like a deputy leader) at St George’s Leeds, a church with plenty of students. And before that I worked for churches in Manchester and East London, after first doing a couple of gap years and a Theology degree.

I’m married to Anya and we have 3 little boys- they are brilliant, but pretty full on, so sometimes I go to work for a rest. Seriously.

The stream of church I’ve been part of is called ‘evangelical charismatic’. If that term is jargon to you, basically it means churches that are quite informal, use modern styles of music and really like the Bible. That said, I’m really comfortable in a range of traditions and styles and I’ve got loads to learn from everyone I meet- people of all faiths and none.

I like sport, food and Wikipedia. I dislike winter and wasps.

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