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Open Day poem - summer

 Poe-tree project at the Plant Sale and Family Day

Young visitors had great fun with the Poe-tree project at the Plant Sale and Family Day on 2 July 2023. Children were asked to write a word or a few words that summed up their visit on a tag and to tie it to a tree. Thank you to everyone who took part.

Tim Relf, the Botanic Garden’s poet in residence, used these to write this poem:

The best day ever

Green trees slowly growing up to the sky –
the trees are green as grass,
the clouds soft as a pillow.
Nature is everywhere.

There’s jungle plants,
crawling ants,
even lovely tortoises.

We count pine cones
and fish swimming,
smile at colours, scents, sights,
eat yummy chocolate ice cream.

In the greenhouse, spiky plants and prickly cactus.
Outside, climbing trees is fun
while the peaceful garden surrounds us
with its swaying canopies.

Being here makes me happy.
It’s fun,
it’s inspiration,
it’s the best day ever.

Birds singing,
friends meeting,
flowers flowering,
children laughing.

Look around.
There’s buzzing, swaying,
changing and growing –
it’s a community blooming

Tim Relf

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