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Nominations Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership 2021-22


On behalf of Council and Court, to maintain oversight of and provide advice on matters relating to the lay membership of Council and its committees, and of Court, as specified in the University’s Statutes and Ordinances.


  1. To recommend appointments to Council and Court in the following categories of membership:
    1. Council: Statutes Section 4.1 (Class 2 - Lay Members and Class 3 - Court Members)
    2. Court: Ordinances Section 11.1
  2. To recommend appointments to the Offices of Chancellor*, Pro-Chancellor (Chair of Council) and Treasurer.
  3. To approve on behalf of Council the appointment of lay members of Council, and other lay people where necessary, to serve as members of University committees and other bodies, as required by committee constitutions or on a co-opted basis, where appropriate.
  4. To provide advice on appointments, if requested, by any outside organisation with a right of nomination to Court.
  5. To approve on behalf of Council appointments to external bodies on which the University has the right of nomination.
  6. To review the membership of those members of Council who have, without giving good cause, failed to attend a minimum of three Ordinary meetings of Council in the academic year, and to make recommendations to Council (or to Senate through Council) as appropriate. The Committee shall also review the record of attendance of members of Council at meetings of its Audit, Finance, Nominations and Remuneration committees.
  7. To approve on behalf of Council the acceptance of donations at the level specified in the Gift Acceptance Policy; and the naming of University buildings, rooms, open spaces and other facilities.
  8. To consider and make recommendations on any general matters of governance and procedure referred to it by Council.
  9. To consider, record and address the potential equal opportunity impacts of decisions made by the Committee (in accordance with the ‘due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).

In making its recommendations for appointments, the Committee shall take account of the backgrounds and expertise of those nominated, and shall take such steps as are reasonable to secure a balance of membership appropriate to the functions of Council and Court. Nominations shall have regard to any guidance provided by Council and Court as to length of service and rotation of members.

Reports to

Council and/or Court, as appropriate.

Annual reports

Constitution and Membership 2021-2022

The constitution of the ‘core’ committee is as follows:

  • a) The Chair of Council (Chair)
  • b) The Treasurer
  • c) Three other lay members of Council
  • d) The representative of the Alumni Association serving on Council
  • e) The President and Vice-Chancellor
  • f) The Deputy Vice-Chancellor

*The following shall also be members of an augmented Chancellor Selection Committee, solely for the purpose of considering the appointment of a Chancellor:

  • g) The Chair of the Alumni Association (or another representative of the Alumni Association if the Chair is already appointed under d) above)
  • h) One academic and one professional services member of the University Leadership Group
  • i) Three further academic staff, one from each College
  • j) The President of the Students’ Union
  • k) Three further student members, drawn from the Students’ Union Council

Duration of appointment

Members appointed under a), b), d), e) and f) are ex-officio. Members appointed under c) shall normally serve for three years and then retire for at least one year before being eligible for re-appointment. Members appointed under g)-k) shall normally serve for whatever period is required for the appointment of a Chancellor.

Normally in attendance at meetings

The Registrar and Secretary


Governance Office

Frequency of meetings

The Committee will normally meet at least three times in each academic year but, alternatively, business may be conducted by correspondence where appropriate.


The quorum for the core Committee is 3 members, including at least one lay member of Council.

The quorum for the augmented Chancellor Selection Committee is 6 members, including at least two lay members of Council.

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