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EDI Committee

Terms of Reference 2023-24


On behalf of the People, EDI and Wellbeing Committee, to maintain oversight of and provide advice on matters relating to equity, diversity and inclusion.


1. Support the People, EDI and Wellbeing Committee in executing the University EDI Strategy by taking account of equity, diversity and inclusion in all its activity.

2. Ensuring that the University has appropriate and stretching equity objectives in place that are relevant to both students and staff.

3. Provide leadership on the University EDI Strategy and to monitor and review performance by implementing institutional action plans to ensure that policies are translated into clear programmes of action.

4. Support Equity Action Groups to deliver activity on specific aspects of equity, diversity and inclusion commissioning and receiving reports on activity.

5. Consider and record the potential equity, diversity and inclusion impacts on decisions made by the Committee and the University (in accordance with the ‘due regard’ provisions of the Equality Act 2010).

6. Contribute to the development of equity, diversity and inclusion policies and procedures and ensure that they are effectively disseminated and promoted.

7. Ensure appropriate consultation and communication with all relevant groups in the University on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion.


Committee members play a vital role in the oversight of the University’s EDI related activities. Members are responsible for:

1. Sharing their views and expertise with the Committee to ensure informed recommendations are made; 

2. Undertaking relevant actions;

3. Communicating and embedding equity, diversity and inclusion practices in their Colleges/areas; 

4. Contributing to relevant sub groups; 

5. Maintaining up to date knowledge of equity, diversity and inclusion issues;  

6. Shaping organisational and cultural change.

7. Understanding, and giving consideration to, the intersectional nature of inequities and disadvantage.

Reports to     

The People, EDI and Wellbeing Committee, as appropriate.

Constitution and Membership

The Committee is chaired by the Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor and comprises:

a) Chair (Henrietta O’Connor)

b) Academic Registrar (Nuala Devlin)

c) Pro Vice-Chancellor – Education (Elizabeth Jones)

d) Dean for Research Excellence (Mark Purnell) or Dean of Research and Enterprise College of Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities (Teela Sanders)

e) Director of Digital Services (Alison Phillips)

f) Estates and Campus Services, Head of Space Management (Sarah Peacock)

g) Students’ Union Representative (Jade Thomas)

h) All four Equity Action Group Leads:
  • Martyn Mahaut-Smith, Disability Equity Action Group Chair
  • Leena Sodha, Gender Equity Action Group Chair 
  • Kirsten Barrett, LGBT Equity Action Group Chair 
  • Paul Campbell, Race Equity Action Group Chair

i) Staff Fora Representative (rotated by Co-Chairs)

j) All four College and Central Professional Services Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Leads
  • Tom Robinson, College of Life Sciences 
  • Genovefa Kefalidou, College of Science and Engineering
  • Eugenia Caracciolo Di Torella, College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
  • Kate Walewska, Central Professional Services 

k) One member from each of the three recognised trade unions, to be nominated by the relevant union committee:

  • UCU Representative
  • UNISON Representative 
  • UNITE Representative

Duration of Appointment

a), b), c), d), e), f), g), i) and k) are ex-officio.  Members appointed under h) and j) shall normally serve for up to three years and shall be retired for at least one year before being eligible for re-appointment. 

In Attendance

a) Associate Director of EDI (Angie Pears)

b) Assistant Director of HR - Staff Health & Wellbeing and Organisational Development (Nicola Junkin)

c) Director of Human Resources or their nominated representatives (Emma Stevens)

d) Director of Student Services and Belonging or their nominated representatives (Angela Truby)


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Team, Human Resources

Frequency of Meetings

The Committee will normally meet three times in each academic year.


The quorum for the core Committee is four members.  

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