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Mandatory training

Mandatory training is training that all colleagues must undertake because of its practical relevance to them as University employees/workers and as a key part of the University fulfilling its legal and/or compliance obligations. 

‘Colleagues’ in this context includes not just those with a University employment contract, but also those with a Unitemps contract, as well as those classified as Honorary (including University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust colleagues) and Externals, such as self-employed individuals, where they have a University IT account. 

The only exception to this is: staff with a University employment contract who do not use Display Screen Equipment (DSE) for their work are not required to undertake the DSE or the Cyber Security mandatory training.

Unitemps, Honorary and External colleagues with IT account roles can complete the University’s mandatory training by way of the e-Booklet below. Please note that the e-Booklet must not be used by any other groups.

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