The Centre for Victorian Studies

Spring seminar series 2011

"But Italy, my Italy! Can it last, this gleam? Can she live and be strong?": Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the Italian Risorgimento

  • 19 January 2011
  • Speaker: Dr Serena Baiesi (Università di Bologna)

Revelations of Childhood in the Spiritual Autobiographies of Anna Jameson and Mary Howitt

  • 2 February 2011
  • Speaker: Dr Rebecca Styler (University of Lincoln)

Explorers in Print: Wonders, Miscellanies and News Culture

  • 16 February 2011
  • Speaker: Professor Clare Pettitt (King’s College London)

The Madness of Olive Schreiner

  • 2 March 2011
  • Speaker: Ruth Bromiley

Signals of Female Health: The Late-Victorian Woman’s Press

  • 2 March 2011
  • Speaker: Clare Mendes

See No Evil?: Blindness and Womanhood in Wilkie Collins' Poor Miss Finch

  • 2 March 2011
  • Speaker: Ruth Ashton

The West End of London in the Nineteenth Century

  • 16 March 2011
  • Speaker: Dr Rohan McWilliam (Anglia Ruskin University)

"They say all the works bearing Dumas's name are not written by him. Well? Does not the chief cook have aides under him?" Or, What Did Thackeray Learn from Paris?

  • 11 May 2011
  • Speaker: Professor Elisabeth Jay (Oxford Brookes University)

"The still undercurrent of deep feeling": Grace Aguilar, Amy Levy and the Literary Formation of Anglo-Jewish Identity

  • 18 May 2011
  • Speaker: Dr Richa Dwor (University of Nottingham)

Parody and Form in the Comic Operas of Gilbert and Sullivan

  • 25 May 2011
  • Speaker: Professor Carolyn Williams (Rutgers University)

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