The Centre for Victorian Studies

Spring seminar series 2003

In Defence of Victorian Realism as a Way of Thinking

  • 5 February 2003
  • Speaker: Professor Philip Davis (University of Liverpool)

Charles Darwin, Speculator

  • 19 February 2003
  • Speaker: Dr Rebecca Stott (Anglia Polytechnic University)

Supernatural Agencies and Thermodynamic Puzzles in Late Victorian Physics

  • 5 March 2003
  • Speaker: Dr Richard J Noakes (University of Cambridge)

"Dogmas for Dilettanti": Wilde, Pater, and the Re-Figuring of Aestheticism

  • 19 March 2003
  • Speaker: Dr Josephine M Guy (University of Nottingham)

England Drawn and Quartered: Cultural Crisis and Catholic History in the Mid-Nineteenth Century

  • 7 May 2003
  • Speaker: Professor Michael Wheeler (University of Southampton)

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