Centre for Translation and Interpreting Studies

LeCTIS Seminar Series 2021-22

Semester Two

For further information, please contact: LeicesterCTIS@leicester.ac.uk

3 February 2022

  • Speaker: Dr Alex Mével (University of Nottingham)
  • Title: Integrated, Immersive, Inclusive – creating captioning solutions for the stage

10 February 2022

  • Speaker: James Hewlett (RWS Group)
  • Title: Careers in the Translation and Localisation Industry (Part 2 – Workshop)

17 February 2022

  • Speaker: Cécile Pasquet (Translator and subtitler)
  • Title: Audiovisual Translation

24 February 2022

Reading week - no seminar

3 March 2022

  • Speaker: Sheam Khan (University of Leicester)
  • Title: Examining the Influence of the Translator's Ideology on the Message of the Qur'an

10 March 2022

  • Speaker: Dr Cathy McAteer (University of Exeter)
  • Title: Translating Great Russian Literature: Behind the Scenes at Penguin Russian Classics

17 March 2022

  • Speaker: Helen Wagner (Freelance Translator)
  • Title: Life beyond the MA. How your dissertation can open doors.

Semester One 

21 October 2021

  • Speaker: Prof. Kirsten Malmkjær (University of Leicester)
  • Title: Who knows best? Style, meaning and the Smilla controversy

28 October 2021

  • Speakers: Dr Ahmed Elimam & Alysia Fletcher (University of Leicester)
  • Title: The Qur’an, Translation and the Media: A Narrative Account

4 November 2021

  • Speaker: Jie Deng (University of Leicester)
  • Title: Archive Research in Translation Studies: A Case Study of Chinese Classics

18 November 2021

  • Speaker: Sui He (University of Edinburgh)
  • Title: Cognitive Metaphor Theories in Translation Studies: Towards a dual-model parametric approach

26 November 2021

  • Speaker: Prof. Zhu Chunshen (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
  • Title: Positive Translation Studies: What Why How

2 December 2021

  • Speaker: James Hewlett (RWS/SDL)
  • Title: Careers in the Translation and Localisation Industry

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