What is KIS?

Discover Uni is the official website that allows you to search and compare courses from UK universities. The site draws together all of the information that students say is useful to them when they are deciding which course to study and which university to choose. Key Information Sets (KIS) are made up of the information that students have identified as the most useful when making these decisions. There will be a 'View the Key Information Sets' link on each course page which will take you to the Discover Uni website. This allows you to find out more about the course and compare it with courses at other universities. 

A wide range of information is taken into account when creating the Key Information Sets, including support, feedback, student satisfaction, contact hours, cost of accommodation and financial support. This information is gathered from previous students who have taken that course so it can give you some insight into what the course will be like, although everyone's experience will be different.

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