Few things look better on a graduate's CV than volunteering experience. It shows you're hard-working, dedicated, and a good team player with a sense of social responsibility. It shows you’re a true Citizen of Change. 

It's also personally very fulfilling. It's a great way to develop skills and knowledge. It can even be good exercise. 

Every year many of our students take advantage of volunteering opportunities.  

Some opportunities are one-off, one-day gigs such as marshalling at a sports event, painting a building or clearing a garden. Others are short-term work over a few weeks, like volunteering in a care home or helping in a charity shop. And then there are long-term volunteering roles which can last up to a year. These might involve mentoring vulnerable young people or staffing a domestic violence support helpline. 

We will help you find the volunteering opportunities that are right for you, that match your interests and existing skills. Our fortnightly bulletin lists all the opportunities available, or we can help you find your own. 

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