Paying your tuition fees

The tuition fee for your course (after deduction of any discounts or University of Leicester scholarships you have been awarded) will be stated in the offer letter sent to you by the University.

In order to register as a student you must either:

  • Pay, or make arrangements to pay, your tuition fees before the academic year begins. This can be in full or in two equal instalments. The first instalment is due before the start of the academic year and the second three months after the start of your academic year.
  • or Confirm that a sponsor is paying your fees on your behalf.

You can pay your fees online using a credit or debit card, by bank transfer or bankers draft (made payable to the University of Leicester) or in a number of other ways. Details of all payment methods and the time it takes for these methods to be received by the University can be found on our methods of payment page.

If you are an international student, paying a deposit may support your visa application as it will show commitment to your studies, however a tuition fee deposit is not compulsory at the University of Leicester. Any tuition fee deposit that you pay will be offset against your total tuition fee. Please see they ways that you can pay your fees.

On some of our postgraduate courses in medical sciences, biosciences or psychology, you will need to pay a deposit (or provide evidence of sponsorship, a scholarship or a loan application) to secure your place on the course.

The next step is to register with the University.