Richard III: Discovery and identification

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If you would like to learn more about the project, why not investigate the search for Richard III in greater depth?

Peer-reviewed articles

To date, six peer-reviewed articles have been published by the team, covering everything from the archaeology to Richard III’s trauma, scoliosis, genetics and genealogy, diet and intestinal parasites. These are all freely accessible online.


The University has also published two popular books on the project:

Or why not try:

  • BALDWIN, D. (2013) Richard III. Stroud: Amberley Publishing
  • HOBSON, P. (2016) How to bury a king: The reinterment of King Richard III. Fulwood: Zaccmedia
  • LANGLEY, P. & JONES, M. (2013) The King’s Grave: The Search for Richard III. London: John Murray
  • PITTS, M. (2014) Digging for Richard III. London: Thames & Hudson

For children:

  • ADAM, R. & POVEY, A. (2014) The Children’s Book of Richard III. Leicester: The Reading Shop
  • HILL, S. (2014) Richard III (I was there). London: Scholastic Children’s Books


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