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We collaborate with a diverse array of research groups and core facilities in the University of Leicester and across different research themes.

Our collaborators

Professor Thomas Sicheritz-Pontén

  • Computational phage biodiscovery

Learn more about Professor Thomas Sicheritz-Pontén

Dr Bent Petersen

  • Evolutionary genomics
Learn more about Dr Bent Petersen

Professor Dave Scanlan

  • Cyanophages
  • AMGs

Learn more about Professor Dave Scanlan

Professor Gary Bending

  • Soil viromics
Learn more about Professor Gary Bending

Professor Yin Chen

  • Pseudomonas phages
  • Viromics

Learn more about Professor Yin Chen

Dr Rich Puxty

  • Cyanophages
  • Mycobacterium phages
  • Phage engineering 

Learn more about Dr Rich Puxty

Dr Eduardo Quiroz Guzmán

  • Phage therapy in aquaculture 

Learn more about Dr Eduardo Quiroz Guzmán

Dr Mathias Middelboe

  • Vibrio prophages

Learn more about Dr Mathias Middelboe

Professor Simon Carding

  • Gut phages

Learn more about Professor Simon Carding

Dr Ellie Jameson

  • Viromics 

Learn more about Dr Ellie Jameson

Dr Dominic Sauvageau

  • Bacteriophage engineering and co-infection 

Learn more about Dr Dominic Sauvageau

Professor Hoàng Anh Hoàng

  • Phage therapy in aquaculture

Learn more about Professor Hoàng Anh Hoàng

Professor Andey Letarov

  • Viromics of horses
  • Pseudolysogeny

Learn more about Professor Andey Letarov

Professor Dov Stekel

  • Modelling phage infections
  • Phages in animal slurries

Learn more about Professor Dov Stekel

Dr Jon Hobman

  • Environmental E. coli phages
  • Phages in animal slurries 

Learn more about Dr Jon Hobman

Professor Sunee Korbsrisate

  • Phages of Salmonella and Burkholderia 

Learn more about Professor Sunee Korbsrisate

Dr Mohammad Al Madadha

  • Phage therapy of UTI

Learn more about Dr Mohammad Al Madadha

Dr Mohammed Imam

  • Phage therapy in Saudi Arabia

Dr Michael Jones

  • Phages in animal slurries

Learn more about Dr Michael Jones

Dr Manuel Banzhaf

Learn more about Dr Manuel Banzhaf

Dr Jennifer Mahony

  • Mechanisms of phage infection

Learn more about Dr Jennifer Mahony

Miss Pravisha Ravindra

  • Consultant in Urology UHoL

Dr Marie Noelle Vieu, MD

  • Public health consultant with experience in infectious disease management

Dr Paul Robson

  • Social researcher with expertise in system analysis

Centre for Excellence for Omics-Driven Computational Biodiversity

Learn more about the Centre for Excellence for Omics-Driven Computational Biodiversity

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