Centre for Material Worlds Past and Present


The different academics involved in the Centre publish regularly in multiple journals. Here are examples of some of the books centre members have written which are directly related to key themes the Centre explores:

  • Carvajal Lopez, J.C. 2023. Islamisation and Archaeology: Culture, Religion and New Materialism. London: Bloomsbury
  • Crellin, R.J. 2020. Change and Archaeology. London: Routledge
  • Crellin, R.J. Cipolla, C, N., Montgomery, L.M. Harris, O.J.T. and Moore, S.V. 2021. Archaeological Theory in Dialogue: situating relationality, ontology, posthumanism and Indigenous paradigms. London: Routledge
  • Eriksen, M.H. 2019. Architecture, Society, and Ritual in Viking Age Scandinavia. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press
  • Harris O.J.T. 2021. Assembling Past Worlds: materials, bodies and architecture in Neolithic Britain. London: Routledge

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