Centre for Material Worlds Past and Present


Leadership team

  • Oliver Harris, Associate Professor of Archaeology
  • Rachel Crellin, Associate Professor of Archaeology
  • Marianne Hem Eriksen, Associate Professor of Archaeology


  • Teaching and Research Staff: Huw Barton, Laura Basell, Alice Samson, Jeremy Taylor
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellows, Teaching Fellows, Honorary Fellows: Brian Costello, Brandon Fathy, Kevin Kay, Adam Rogers, Irene Selsvold, Emma Tollefsen, Christina Tsoraki
  • Postgraduate Students: Brodhie Molloy, Judith Lopez Aceves, Renate Larssen, Yvonne O’Dell, Nathan Gubbins, Jonny Graham, Andy Rogers, Brad Marshall, Elisabeth Aslesen, Mikel Herran Subinas

Beyond School of Archaeology and Ancient History

    • Chemistry
      • Andrew Hudson
      • Rob Hillman
    • Engineering
      • David Weston
    • Museum Studies
      • Nuala Morse
    • School of Geography, Geology and Environment
      • Ben Coles
      • Dan Smith
    • Informatics
      • Genovefa Kefalidou

    Beyond University of Leicester

    • Jose Carvajal Lopez (Spanish National Research Council)
    • David Osborne (Univesity of Nottingham)
    • Rob Thornton (Warwick)

    Postgraduate Research opportunities

    We anticipate that two PGR positions will be advertised in spring 2024 to start in Autumn 2024 as part of the Leverhulme Research Leadership Award: A New History of Bronze.

    Anyone interested in applying to do a PhD as part of the centre please contact a suitable supervisor in the first instance, we are happy to discuss potential applications and funding opportunities.

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