Politics and International Relations at Leicester

Postgraduate programmes

Politics at Leicester has a strong reputation for research and postgraduate education.

We have a range of specialist research and teaching interests across all disciplines, including diplomatic studies; international security studies; American foreign policy; British, European and comparative politics; international relations and political theory. Our research expertise has been recognised as ‘excellent’ and places us amongst the top departments in the UK.

Postgraduate scholarships are available for Masters students. The Masters Excellence Scholarships are available to new UK/EU applicants registering for a full- or part-time, campus-based Masters degree.

We offer the following taught postgraduate courses:

Human Rights and Global Ethics MA
1-2 years, full- or part-time
The gap between the promise and reality of universal human rights is worrying. Strides are being taken, but there’s still much to do. This Masters in human rights and global ethics addresses this challenge on both a conceptual and practical level.

International Relations MA
1-2 years, full- or part-time
The post-Cold War promise of a new ‘World Order’ was a defining historical moment. But how have international relations actually progressed in the years since? In this degree, you’ll explore this idea in extensive and illuminating detail.

International Security Studies MA
1-2 years, full- or part-time
Whether they're political, economic, religious or environmental, international security issues can stem from all corners of society. You’ll learn what these key issues are, but more importantly, how to tackle them head-on.

The Politics of Conflict and Violence MA, by distance learning
1-2 years, full- or part-time
How do politics dictate war and peace? How has conflict shaped politics? What can we do about humanitarian intervention? This distance learning degree isn’t just about asking the critical questions – it’s about making critical progress.

Human Rights and Global Ethics MA, by distance learning
1-2 years full- or part-time
The issues facing human rights are worldwide, so it makes sense that you can study them from anywhere. In this distance learning degree, you’ll gain a solid grounding in the political and international theory of human rights and global ethics.

Intelligence and Security MA, by distance learning
1-2 years full- or part-time
From battling international terrorism to solving local crime, using intelligence has become crucial to security. But using it means understanding it – the debates and ethical concerns, how it’s collected and analysed. By exploring this topic in depth, you’ll learn what it takes to work in a number of important sectors.

International Relations and World Order MA, by distance learning
1-2 years full- or part-time
Can’t make it to campus? In this distance learning degree, you can still explore how international relations have progressed in the post-Cold War period, as well as the challenges facing the new ‘World Order’ today.

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