How to submit an appeal

If you decide that you have eligible grounds for appeal you should complete and submit an appeals form with supporting documentary evidence. Please ensure that you complete the form as required rather than submitting a statement or letter of appeal.

You must appeal on your own behalf. The Advice Service in the Students’ Union is able to provide support and advice but it cannot write your appeal for you. Contact them on advice@le.ac.uk or phone on +44 (0)116 223 1132.


It is important that you submit evidence to support your appeal. It is your responsibility to obtain the required evidence. The University will not contact doctors or others on your behalf.

Evidence must be new - copies of evidence already submitted to your department and considered by a Board of Examiners are not admissible. When medical evidence is submitted this must be from a qualified medical practitioner. The evidence must be in English. If the original was not written in English then it is your responsibility to obtain a certified English translation of the evidence. The University undertakes checks to ensure that evidence submitted is genuine.


You should ensure that your appeal is submitted by the stated deadline. Failure to do so will result in the appeal being disallowed.

  • All students except MBChB students must submit their appeal form to the Quality Office, contactable on academic.appeals@le.ac.uk.
  • MBChB students only must submit their appeal form to the Director of Administration for the College of Life Sciences -see Section 6 of the appeal form for contact details.

Electronic submission

The preferred format for completed appeal forms and evidence is Microsoft Word document or PDF. Other acceptable file types are jpg, gif and zip. For zip folders, please follow the preferred naming conventions for the files within them. If the Quality Office is unable to open a file or its readability is compromised you will be asked to resend the file in a different format.

If you are submitting multiple files of evidence, file names should be numbered sequentially. This will avoid confusion when your appeal is considered. The Quality Office will combine your appeal submission into a single PDF file but if you have the appropriate application you may prefer to do this yourself.

What happens after I submit my appeal?

On receipt of your appeal, the Quality Office will check whether your appeal has eligible grounds. If it does not you will be notified in writing and either advised that the appeal cannot be accepted or offered the opportunity to supply more information or evidence within a stated timescale.

All other appeals will be acknowledged. Once your appeal has been received a report will be requested from your department and this along with your appeal form and documents will be submitted to an Appeals Panel for consideration. You will be sent a copy of the departmental report and be offered the opportunity to submit written comments about it by a specified deadline. We will also tell you the date your appeal will be heard.

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