Awards and graduation

Leaving with a lower award

Should you leave the University with a lower award than the intended award you originally registered for, you would be charged for the length of time you were registered. If you overpaid during this time, a refund will be issued to the person who made the original payment. Any outstanding fees will need to be paid before official confirmation of your award.

Leaving with an outstanding debt

Any academic credit accumulated during your study (for individual modules/credit points, or awards), will not be made or verified by the University in circumstances where you leave in debt. This means that:

  • we will not officially confirm your academic attainment for third-parties such as employers or other academic providers;
  • you will not be eligible for an paper transcript of results nor an electronic Higher Education Achievement Award (HEAR);
  • you will not receive any certification regarding your study.

Once outstanding debts have been settled, please contact Student Fees and Income Management or the relevant Distance Learning Team.

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