School of Physics and Astronomy

Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory

SWIFT observatoryInitially designed to detect and follow-up Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRBs), the Neil Gehrels Swift Observatory is a rapid-response mission well-placed to observe most transient sources throughout the Universe. There are three telescopes onboard: the Burst Alert Telescope (BAT), sensitive over 15-350 keV; the X-ray Telescope (XRT), covering 0.3-10 keV; and the UV/Optical Telescope (UVOT), comprising six narrow and one broad-band filter, with central wavelengths stretching from 1928 to 5468 Å.

The University of Leicester provided the key system designs for the XRT and built the low-temperature CCD focal plane camera and the Telescope Alignment Monitor. We now host the UK Swift Science Data Centre, lead the X-ray calibration work, offer unique high-level XRT products and continue to provide operation support for the mission.

Find out more about Swift in the news and our publications.

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